Metro Exodus Review

It turns out that what makes Metro – a series named and known for its dark, subterranean survival-horror atmosphere – work was never really dependent on being underground at all. The third game, Metro Exodus, successfully brings its lengthy single-player

Apex Legends: Final Review

Apex Legends is something of a zeitgeist stew, checking all of the boxes of recent trends all the way down to its grandiose but nondescript title. It’s one part by-the-numbers battle royale, complete with the descent from the sky, emphasis

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Review

Gathering Storm is Civilization VI’s second – and probably final – expansion, and it cements this iteration’s place in history with a new round of interesting systems that we’ve never seen before in a Civ game. Things like natural disasters

God Eater 3 Review

God Eater 3 is one of those cases where, thankfully, stellar gameplay makes up for a generic and boring story with bad writing. You might have to dig a bit to figure out how to do some of the coolest

Wargroove Review

Someone at Chucklefish clearly got tired of waiting for Nintendo to bring back Advance Wars, because Wargroove’s turn-based tactics combat is as close to a modern, fantasy-themed revival as you’ll find. But this isn’t a game that relies only on

Alien: Blackout Review

A mobile game in the style of Five Nights at Freddy’s probably isn’t what most people had in mind when excitement for a new Alien game started to stir. As a consolation, Alien: Blackout packs decent thrills for a quick

My Time at Portia Review

As my tiny boat sailed into the equally tiny port of the city-state of Portia, I couldn’t help but look beyond the small town and toward a decrepit tower looming over its peaceful villagers; I wanted to go there, and

Slay the Spire Review

Slay the Spire is one of those games where I found myself sitting alone at my desk just giggling as I played. Not because it’s exceptionally funny – though its well-written encounters can be that – but because some combo

Kingdom Hearts 3 Review

Some of my fondest childhood gaming memories are of being wowed by the first Kingdom Hearts and its recreation of Disney worlds I knew from my favorite animated movies and shows. But even viewed through the rose-tinted glasses of 17

The Hong Kong Massacre Review

The Hong Kong Massacre is Hotline Miami meets Max Payne on the set of a John Woo movie, and for the most part it’s every bit as violent and thrilling as that combination sounds. While the minimalist story presentation and