The Incredibles 2 Trailer Shows Off The Unpredictability Of A Baby With Superpowers

After much anticipation from fans, Pixar finally revealed a trailer for The Incredibles 2 today. The beloved superhero family is coming back to the big screen next summer, and this first teaser gives us a glimpse at Jack-Jack’s powers. The

Card Game RPG Shadowhand Releases This December

Shadowhand, from the developer Grey Alien Games, is a strategic RPG card game where you play as an aristocrat posing as a highwaywoman in 18th century England. It mixes both RPG elements and solitaire, by having you battle other characters

What To Watch This Weekend: Street Fighter V, Rainbow Six Siege, And PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Look, everyone’s just waiting for Thanksgiving here in the States, okay? It’s the that strange week where everyone sort of has senioritis but can’t really do much about it. What were we talking about? Oh right, tournaments! There’s a few

Replay – Singularity

Now that Replay: Civil War has come and gone, this week we have a very refreshing return to Replay’s roots. One game, one controller, one joke (or more). In today’s case, the game is Singularity, the controller is Xbox 360,

iPhone X Review

Finally, Apple has broken itself out of a four-year design rut with the iPhone X. On top of carrying over all the best features the iPhone 8 has to offer, this high-priced flagship phone removes the Home button that has

Weekend Warrior – A Variety Of Games Before Thanksgiving

Nobody in the office is joining the dark side weekend, but we all still have plenty of games to get through. Overwatch is dragging some of us back into the fray with the recent release of Moira, while others are

Reader Discussion – What Is Your Final Game Of 2017?

Most of 2017’s biggest titles are out in the wild now, and gamers are naturally starting to discuss GOTY contenders. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Is there a glaring omission in your list of played games that you

10 Third-Party Games We Want For Nintendo Switch

With several months still out from its 1st anniversary of announcement and even more from its release, the Nintendo Switch has had a strong freshman year. New juggernauts like The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and Super Mario

Ghost Recon Wildlands Gets Free Mode, Maps, And More Added To PVP

Ubisoft Paris has dropped a new care package into its open-world tactical shooter, focusing on the newly launched PvP Ghost War mode. Ubisoft Paris launched Wildlands’ competitive multiplayer component in early October, and our shooter aficionado Matt Bertz had good

Report: Electronic Arts Backed Off Battlefront II Microtransactions After Disney Put Its Foot Down

Wall Street Journal’s reporter Ben Fritz has been following the twists and turns of EA’s changes with Star Wars: Battlefront II, mentioning that Disney executives contacted EA to figure out the furor over Battlefront II. The tweet points to an