Going Hands On With The Cooperative Action Game Inside Travis Strike Again: No More Heroes

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes features the return of Travis Touchdown in his marquee series. However, rather than the traditional No More Heroes experience, Travis and his nemesis Badman are sucked into a game console called the Death Drive

Nintendo Hosting Super Smash Bros. Switch & Splatoon 2 Tournaments At E3

Nintendo is letting gamers at E3 dive right in and test their mettle with the newly announced Super Smash Bros. title on the Switch. Both the upcoming game and Splatoon 2 will have tournaments from June 11-12 at the convention.

PUBG's Event Mode Mixes It Up

PUBG is trying out new game parameters with Event Mode – a place where PUBG Corp wants to present new ideas outside of the regular experience. Event mode is accessible in the main menu, and its first twist is to

Innovative Ideas Rule IGF Awards, While Nintendo Leaves A Big Impression At GDC Awards

During the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the game development community got together to recognize indie and AAA games across the Independent Games Festival and Game Developers Choice Awards. The indie awards this year focused on a number of

Game Developer Unionization Talk Stirs Amidst IGDA Concerns

  At the Game Developers Conference this year, a roundtable discussion on the subject of establishing unions within the gaming industry was held under a cloud of anticipation and anxiety. The discussion, which was held and moderated by International Game

#WarGames Review – Not Quite A Winning Move

While Sam Barlow’s previous game, Her Story, channels the appeal of older technology to tell an enriching mystery, his latest effort stokes more current anxieties. #WarGames touches on the modern surveillance state, our vulnerability to being exposed online, and the

Little Dragons Café Is Just As Charming As It Sounds

Last month, Aksys Games unveiled Little Dragons Café, an adorable game that combines restaurant management, raising a dragon, and cooking. It’s a concept that interested us immediately, and today, we were able to get our first hands-on time with it

Rare Discusses Sea Of Thieves' Launch Issues

We don’t expect a pirate’s life to be easy, but players of Sea of Thieves have been encountering inconveniences that make the simulation difficult to enjoy. Rare has posted an update about the status of various complications in the game

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Edition Hits May 29

Capcom announced that Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Edition is bursting onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC on May 29. First teased during the Capcom Cup at 2017’s PlayStation Experience, the collection encapsulates all of the arcade cabinet classics.

The Next Elder Scrolls Online Expansion Returns To The Series' Roots

Elder Scrolls Online already mined fans of the series’ nostalgia by returning to Morrowind, the setting of one of the most beloved Elder Scrolls game, with an expansion that was well-received by the community. Today Bethesda revealed they were once