THQ Nordic Acquires The Timesplitters And Second Sight Properties

THQ Nordic has announced that they have picked up the Timesplitters property and released trilogy, as well as the rights to Free Radical’s Second Sight. This puts THQ Nordic in a position to not only re-release the old Timesplitters games,

Arkane Says Dishonored Series Is Taking A Break For Now

Arkane’s Dishonored series is considered one of the stronger immersive sims released this generation by a lot of people, but it seems like last year’s Death of the Outsider standalone expansion might be the last Dishonored content we get for

Rumor: New Xbox Elite Controller Launches In October

Rumors have been circulating for a few months about Microsoft introducing a new version of the Xbox Elite Controller, their premium controller with swappable parts. Now, a tweet from The Verge senior editor Tom Warren indicates an announcement may come

Insurgency Is Free To Own On Steam

Insurgency, a shooter with roots as far back as the days of Half-Life 2 mods, is free for a limited time on Steam. If you download and play the game now, which costs you nothing, you own it forever. The

Yakuza Was Brought To Microsoft And Nintendo Originally, Both Refused

When Yakuza was first released in Japan under the title of Ryu ga Gotoku in 2005, the gaming industry was a very different place. The PlayStation 2 was so far ahead in terms of install base that nothing else could

I Played All Of Shrek In Beat Saber, And It Nearly Killed Me

Beat Saber, the Early Access VR rhythm game about slicing through colored blocks with lightsabers, has quickly grown a huge modding community that is making custom tracks for the game. Most of these tracks are exactly what you would expect:

Phantom Doctrine Launch Trailer Shows Gameplay Systems And Cold War Style

Phantom Doctrine, fittingly enough, really snuck up on us. The turn-based strategy game has complex stealth systems, base management, and a good helping of cold war flair. In a recent New Gameplay Today, we did our best to play the

Grab Both Your Pistols, Tomb Raider Legend And Anniversary Are Now Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

In their unceasing march towards total backwards compatibility, Microsoft announced today that both Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary are now playable on Xbox One.  Tomb Raider: Legend and Lara Croft Tomb Raider Anniversary are coming to Xbox One Backward

Smash Bros. Fans Think They Have Figured Out Where The Trail Of Dead Characters Is Leading

Like any good murder mystery, people watch as investigators make connections they hadn’t considered, but seem to make total sense as soon as our minds make the connection. Since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was shown off at E3, the newcomers

First Uncut Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay Will Be At Gamescom

Capcom hasn’t said much about Devil May Cry 5 since its announcement at E3, preferring instead to focus on the sooner-releasing Resident Evil 2, but it seems like we won’t have to wait too much longer for hands-on impressions. Devil