Lo Wang And Co. Dissect Demons In Shadow Warrior 2 Launch Trailer

Shadow Warrior 2 launches tomorrow, so a new launch trailer is up today, which introduces Shadow Warrior 2’s motley cast of characters, all of
whom seem to share leading man Lo Wang’s enthusiasm for cutting demons
into very small pieces. Obviously, this new trailer is set to “The Touch” by Stan Bush.

Hard Reset developers Flying Wild Hog rebooted the ’90s classic shooter/slasher Shadow Warrior in 2013, changing its hero into the wise-cracking, power ballad-loving Lo Wang we know today. Shadow Warrior 2 adds randomly-generated levels and co-op to the formula, plus a ton of new weapons to find and upgrade. The developers have also put quite a bit of time and effort into the game’s procedural gore system in order to accommodate things like a chainsaw-sword.

Check out the trailer below.

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Source: Game Informer