Cities: Skylines Coming To Xbox One This Spring

2015’s Cities: Skylines successfully filled the void left by the disastrous release of 2013’s SimCity reboot. Nearly every mistake made by SimCity was rectified by Cities, from the always-online requirement to the stifling size limitations and everything in between. Simply put, there was the new champion in the city-builder genre.

Publisher Paradox Interactive have just released a trailer announcing an Xbox One version of the acclaimed title. Developer Tantalus Media is helping out with the port, including taking on the daunting task of adapting the mouse-and-keyboard control scheme to the more limited inputs of a console controller. The Xbox One edition will include the After Dark add-on, but, strangely enough, will not include the Snowfall of Natural Disasters expansions.

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The Xbox One version of Cities: Skylines is scheduled to release this Spring. For our review of the PC version of the game, head here.

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Our Take
In Game Informer’s review of the PC version, Brian Shea praised developer Colossal Order for delivering “the new gold standard of modern city-builders.”  Here’s hoping that the move to console doesn’t diminish any of the magic of creating and maintaining a sprawling city.

Source: Game Informer