Join Our Game Club Discussion Of BioShock

This year on The Game Informer Show podcast, we kicked off GI Game Club that has us playing through games and discussing them in detail with our community. The new game that we’re tackling, thanks to the remastered collection that’s available now, is the original BioShock from Irrational Games. We’ve played through the first half of the game, and we’ll be posting the final discussion on the October 6th episode of The Game Informer Show podcast that will cover everything through to the end of the game. We’d love for the community to play and experience the game alongside us, so send all your thoughts and feedback on the experience to Is Fort Frolic where the game peaks? How well do the player abilities ramp up throughout the game? What do you think of the twist? What do you think of the game’s ending? Send it all in to

Watch the video below to hear our and the community’s thoughts on the first half of BioShock, we look forward to reading your emails for the second half!

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Source: Game Informer