Sunless Sea Lead Writer Announces 'Cultist Simulator'

Alexis Kennedy, the lead writer and creative director of Sunless Sea,
announced on his blog today that he’s working on new game called
Cultist Simulator.

Kennedy, who has also worked as a writer, coder, and creative
director on games including Fallen London, Dragon Age: The Last Court,
and Stellaris, said Cultist Simulator will be a “digital board game of
mystery, experimentation, and self-destruction.”

The single-player game is set to feature what Kennedy calls “parallel
victory conditions” for “sane” and “insane” paths, crafting mechanics,
and the ability to “indoctrinate innocents.” However, there will also be the option to try to resist the cultish path and succeed in romance or a career. “But why would you do that?” Kennedy writes.

“I spent my first month out of Failbetter building an alpha
prototype of an experimental game, Cultist Simulator, to test out some
mechanics and lore,” Kennedy wrote in the announcement post. After
getting feedback from playtesters, he said he decided to move forward
with the project, which will tentatively launch for PC and tablets
sometime around Halloween next year.

In the meantime, check out Editor Daniel Tack’s review of Sunless Sea.

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Source: Game Informer