GTFO Early Access Review

At first glance, GTFO’s co-op FPS action may seem familiar, but a thoughtful combination of atmospheric stealth exploration and brutal difficulty make it refreshingly unique. This enjoyable team-focused formula has provided me with 25 hours of chaotic fun, even a few of its six expeditions were lacking in variety. Its early access launch is uncommonly bug-free but also missing obvious features like progression and in-game voice chat that (while keenly missed) didn’t stop me from having a good time. GTFO is off to a strong start and with so many obvious ways to improve on what’s already here I can’t wait to see where it ends up.

Each expedition in GTFO begins with a startling descent into a labyrinth of subterranean rooms called The Complex. Navigating its creepy industrial corridors using an interactive map and computer terminals with a team of four total players is a lot of fun thanks to the tense atmosphere and puzzling stealth encounters. While I did spot a handful of reused rooms during my frantic crawls through its hour-or-so-long expeditions I was impressed with the clever use of color, volumetric fog, and lighting (or the lack thereof) that not only made the recycled rooms feel like a new area, but also ramped up the intensity and effectively sold the illusion that I was descending further into the complex.

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Source: IGN