Moons of Madness Review

You can tell that a lot of great Lovecraftian games are crafted with love for the 20th century writer’s vision of horror, but Moons of Madness often feels more like an interactive movie than a video game.  And I can’t help but wonder if it could have been more successful if it were. The story is decent though unfocused, but it suffers from the presence of gameplay that’s rarely more than busywork and often left me feeling as cold as the planet it’s set on.

Lovecraft and the cosmic-horror genre have found a comfortable home in video games. The early 20th century Massachusetts writer’s ideas have formed the basis of plenty of them in recent years, including Bloodborne and The Sinking City, but in Moons of Madness, developer Rock Pocket Games takes the ideas of the Ancient Ones in space to its logical endpoint by just putting you on Mars.

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Source: IGN