Untitled Goose Game Review

Like many regular people, I often toss and turn in bed at night restlessly kept from sleep by the same persistent question: what if Hitman’s Agent 47 were a goose? Well, me and my fellow feather-inclined friends can finally rest easy, as the unrelentingly charming and wonderfully absurd Untitled Goose Game has finally brought our sleepless nights peace by showing us the answer – and that answer is a magical kind of fowl play that replaces murder with merciless annoyance. It’s a short game, but that time is packed with plenty of laughs and simple pleasures.

As implied by the absence of a title, in Untitled Goose Game you play as a goose. But not just any goose: you’re a goose who is also a total asshole. (Honestly, maybe that just means you are a regular goose.) You run around a lovely, minimalist English village honking, flapping your wings, and generally doing goose things as you clear off a hand-written checklist full of mischievous goose tasks.

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Source: IGN