Gears 5 Campaign Review

Editor’s Note: For Gears 5, we’re reviewing the campaign and multiplayer modes separately, followed by our overall review and score. This part covers the entirety of the campaign – be sure to check out the multiplayer and overall reviews soon.

A “Previously on Gears” recap video kicks off Gears 5, and apart from the much-appreciated refresher, it quickly reminded me, “Oh yeah, I love these characters.” This time around JD, Kait, and Del continue to try and beat back the mutated-Locust Swarm, but this new adventure stands out thanks to some clever moment-to-moment gameplay upgrades and a heavy dose of character-driven story that puts the future of the franchise on an unexpected path. Gears 5’s impressive campaign is conclusive evidence that, at least for now, it’s these meatheads, not Halo’s Spartan super soldiers, that star in the most endearing first-party stories on Xbox.

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Source: IGN