Telling Lies Review

Telling Lies is a storytelling marvel. Every smile, every kiss, every lie reveals something meaningful about the characters and the way their lives intertwine, and seemingly insignificant comments link together to become crucial revelations. It follows the same structure as developer Sam Barlow’s previous game, Her Story, with a database of video clips that you watch out of sequence—but Telling Lies is bigger and better in every way.

Sublime acting by a cast of four main characters makes every scene believable, and each clip is a potential door into a new sub-plot. One shows David, who features most often, talking to a woman on the phone while in bed, their conversation veiled in subtext and secrets. The next might show an environmental group organising a protest that you know must be important because you’ve heard about before. If you tug on any thread it will slowly unwind, and I wasn’t able to let go until I’d fully unravelled it and learned how it fits into the wider story.

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Source: IGN