Neo Geo Mini Samurai Shodown Limited Edition Set Review

The Neo Geo Mini is one of the coolest retro mini consoles designs, and the Samurai Shodown Limited Edition (See it on Amazon) takes the self-contained mini-arcade cabinet and flexes a little extra design muscle.

It’s a really comprehensive retro mini machine. Inside you’ll find 40 Neo Geo games, including every Samurai Shodown game released for the system, which comes as no surprise since this is a special edition built around the series.

But there’s a whole slew of other classic Neo Geo fighting games, including The King of Fighters ’97, ’98 and ’99. In fact, 20 of the 40 included games are fighters, but you’ll also find the first 3 Metal Slug games and other games you may have forgotten about or never heard of in the first place. But is it more than just a novelty for hardcore Neo Geo collectors? We put it through its paces to find out.

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Source: IGN