Defector Review

I never thought I’d be able to jump out of a plane and land on the outside of another in VR without getting irrecoverably sick, but Defector let me do just that. This Oculus Studios-published action game is a bit like being inside a Mission: Impossible movie, and it can be a thrill, if a fairly short one. But ankle-deep mechanics and a plot that veers wildly off course keep it from being something special.

Defector starts as a high-tech spy story about hunting down defecting agents who have run off with three pieces of a mysterious device, but by the end that story has somehow made its way to laser guns, giant Cylon death robots, and maybe even aliens or magic or something? It’s not really clear. The spy premise is an interesting one, but Defector only uses it as a jumping off point to show off different VR ideas – from shooting to gambling to rock climbing. That wide variety of mechanics combined with disjointed plot points mean Defector comes off more like a tour of what VR can offer rather than a fully realized game of its own.

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Source: IGN