Nintendo Labo VR Kit Review

It’s easy to scoff at the Labo VR Kit’s simple cardboard headset and collection of ridiculous add-ons as little more than Google’s Cardboard with Nintendo branding, but this kit is a surprisingly solid and in-depth introduction to the world of VR. While the display resolution and framerate fall far below the average dedicated VR headset and many of the associated games are extremely simple novelties, there are enough weird and whimsical games and tools included to provide a unique and (mostly) enjoyable experience when used in short bursts. The Virtual Boy 2, this isn’t.

Like Nintendo’s previous Labo kits, the initial focus of Labo VR is on cardboard construction and customization. And while interlocking large cardboard sections or putting the finishing touches on a project can be highly satisfying, the sluggishly paced instruction videos and countless steps involved can quickly turn the building aspect of Labo VR into a chore. The Labo accessories you’re prompted to build are sturdy and well engineered, but you’ll likely never come away from putting one together with the hope that your build time had last longer.

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Source: IGN