Devotion Review

Some horror games offer little more than cheap jump-scares and buckets of gore, but Devotion is the kind of psychological horror with the potential to keep you thinking for weeks after you’ve beaten it. It’s expertly-paced and doesn’t stick around long enough for its mechanical simplicity to overstay its welcome, but in that three hours delivers a powerfully unsettling story. And it does it all without ever having a single fully animated character on screen for more than a few seconds.

In Devotion, you take on the role of screenwriter Du Feng Yu as he experiences a surreal journey through the past in order to unravel the threads of what happened to his wife and daughter. Similar to other first-person horror games, like P.T., Devotion mostly takes place in the family’s modest apartment home. It’s a choice of setting that makes room for excellent character development as you discover mementos and items across multiple years within the home, effectively telling the family’s story.

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Source: IGN