Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Review

Gathering Storm is Civilization VI’s second – and probably final – expansion, and it cements this iteration’s place in history with a new round of interesting systems that we’ve never seen before in a Civ game. Things like natural disasters and diplomatic Grievances give us plenty to consider during all eras, and Firaxis backs up a dump truck’s worth of leaders and other content atop this already fully-loaded 4X strategy game.

Between Gathering Storm and the previous expansion, Rise and Fall, the list of available leaders has grown to a gigantic cast of 45 – or 46, if you count Eleanor of Aquitaine’s ability to lead either the English or the French and grant them her loyalty-sapping ability as two. (That edges out Civ V’s final count of 43, if you’re keeping track.) All that narration must’ve taken Sean Bean ages, and playing a full campaign as each of them would be an epic undertaking.

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Source: IGN