Wargroove Review

Someone at Chucklefish clearly got tired of waiting for Nintendo to bring back Advance Wars, because Wargroove’s turn-based tactics combat is as close to a modern, fantasy-themed revival as you’ll find. But this isn’t a game that relies only on its gorgeous pixel-art nostalgia to win your love: Wargroove is a challenging and extremely fun tactics game, with great multiplayer options and a level editor strong enough to make an entire tactics game of your own.

Instead of controlling a party of bespoke heroes like in a Fire Emblem game, Wargroove gives you a unique commander and has you summon waves of disposable units mid-battle. Obviously you’ll still want to play smart and keep your troops alive, but removing that fear of losing someone with a name and a face to perma-death or having to worry about getting your favorite characters kills to level them up makes for a lighter and snappier tactical flavor.

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Source: IGN