My Time at Portia Review

As my tiny boat sailed into the equally tiny port of the city-state of Portia, I couldn’t help but look beyond the small town and toward a decrepit tower looming over its peaceful villagers; I wanted to go there, and it didn’t take too long before I did. My Time at Portia is perhaps one of the most pleasant post-apocalyptic games out there, every part of it full of potential and an interesting sense of optimism. You’ll find it in the goals and accomplishments of its people, and in My Time at Portia’s design as a whole. It teases unreachable treasures off in the distance and lists items with parts I haven’t yet encountered, letting me know there is something new still waiting for me. After playing over 65 hours, I’m still finding more to explore and build in My Time at Portia. This town sim with an emphasis on building and resource management (and some RPG elements thrown in) is a fun adventure that, despite its flaws, I had a hard time putting down.

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Source: IGN