New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Review

Rather than setting the world alight like the fireworks above the Mushroom Kingdom, Nintendo’s underperforming Wii U console ultimately went up in the smoke of a Mushroom cloud. However, it at least attempted to get off on the right foot by launching in 2012 with a high quality 2D Mario game, New Super Mario Bros. U. Here’s what we thought at the time:


doesn’t necessarily redefine Nintendo’s iconic hero, it still manages to capture the sense of carefree adventure that many of us felt as kids. More importantly, the game contains a significant amount of challenge, both within its story mode and outside of it. This game has clearly been designed by a team that regards Super Mario World with as much affection as those of us who grew up with it. Were it not for the game’s weak graphics and audio, plus the return of the irritating chaotic, bouncy multiplayer mode, this game might rival some of Nintendo’s better 2D accomplishments.”

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Source: IGN