Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) – Turf Wars DLC Review

A second act should always feel darker than the first, but I wasn’t prepared for quite how literally Insomniac would take that rule of storytelling. The majority of Turf Wars, the second of Spider-Man’s three-part DLC plotline, takes place almost entirely against a slate-grey sky, sapping the colour from this usually vibrant depiction of New York. It’s an intended and effective metaphor, of course – things have taken a dark turn, with mob boss Hammerhead running rampant across the city.

But, unintentionally, it sums up how I feel about Turf Wars, too – this is a greyer experience than first outing, The Heist. Peter Parker’s more worried (and crucially, less quippy), and the mixture of extra story missions and challenges is beginning to feel rather expected. It’s still the same game fundamentally, it just doesn’t feel quite as exciting.

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Source: IGN