Diablo 3 for Nintendo Switch Review

Not every six-year-old game can feel fresh and modern on a new platform, especially after you take off the ‘Ohmigosh it’s on Switch so I can take it anywhere!’ goggles. This is my third trip through Diablo 3 since its original release on PC in 2012 and expansion pack-fueled debut on Xbox One in 2014, and I have to say: it still plays wonderfully. That’s not a huge surprise. What is an unexpected delight is how good Diablo 3 looks on Nintendo’s portable console.

The Diablo 3 Eternal Collection doesn’t really offer anything new apart from a Ganondorf armor set, but it does offer everything: the Reaper of Souls expansion that makes you forget about the weak fourth Act, a seventh playable character in the form of the sadistic Necromancer, and every single update and tweak that’s helped Diablo 3 realize its full, enormous potential. It is Diablo 3 in its final form, and it’s simply a blast. Often literally, thanks to the explosive deaths that monsters suffer at your mighty hands. And it looks better than I expected it to, with image quality that suits the Switch’s built-in 720p screen perfectly. When you’re on a 65-inch 4K TV (running in Diablo’s maximum 960p resolution), only the character detail suffers a bit. The environments still look great!

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Source: IGN