Conan Exiles – Final Review

Author Robert E. Howard’s Conan Universe is an unforgiving place filled with dangers around every corner. Conan Exiles lives up to that reputation – almost too well. It’s not just other players and NPCs in the world that make this survival game rough; it’s the wolves and giants and other terros stalking the world around you. And even if you manage to survive all that, a sandstorm or the brutal northern cold might lay you low. However, the most brutal part of this harsh land can be its grind, which means Conan Exiles can sometimes feel more like a chore than a game.

Conan Exiles captures the tone of Howard’s hard world right away by casting you as a criminal who’s crucified and left to die alongside a broken highway that saw its best days centuries ago. Conan himself makes only a brief cameo to cut you away from the corpse tree and set you loose in the Exiled Lands before you to carve your own tales of high adventure.

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Source: IGN