Fortnite Season 4 Coming Tomorrow

After about a month of teasing, Fortnite season 4 is at least being shown tomorrow and will bring answers to all the questions Epic has been raising.

Meteors started showing up earlier this month above Tilted Towers, causing fans to go crazy with speculation over what it could mean. Amidst the ensuing confusing and conversation, Epic added jokes and signs to the roof of Tilted Towers and started making the meteors impact on the surface.

The meteors caused little to no damage to the actual stage, but considering the teaser image and the “brace for impact,” it seems likely something is becoming a crater and superheroes are emerging from it. Regardless of how it turns out, it looks like tomorrow will be the end of all the fan questions and speculation over the last month.

[Source: Fortnite Twitter]


Our Take
A month is the perfect time for a mystery and it looks like Epic is determined to make it pay off. I hope there’s more than just superhero skins and they have some pretty cool new ideas for season 4.

Source: Game Informer