Time To Go Fast With Destiny 2 Update 1.1.4

One of the many complaints that longtime Destiny players have had about Destiny 2 is the lack of hero moments, where guardians feel more like superheroes than run-of-the-mill soldiers. With update 1.1.4, Bungie is hoping that some of those moments will return with breakneck speed. You can find all of the patch notes here, but here are some of the highlights of Destiny 2’s latest update:

  • Gotta go fast! – Titans and Warlocks will notice speed boosts to their general glide movements. Melee super abilities like the Titan’s Fist of Havoc and Sentinel Shield as well as Hunter’s Arcstrider will also see increases to their movement speed. Each increment of the mobility stat will be increased, leading to significant boosts of speed in general.
  • PVE weapon buffs – Most weapon types will have a damage increase for PVE activities, including hand cannons, pulse rifles, scout rifles, sidearms, submachine guns, linear fusion rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and grenade launchers. Regular fusion rifles and rocket launchers remain unchanged, while auto rifles get a slight nerf.
  • Quitter penalties – Leaving a competitive PVP game early will now result in either a warning or a 30-minute suspension from competitive playlists.
  • Faster supers– Super regeneration rates have decreased from six minutes and forty seconds to five minutes. 
  • Return to the old Iron Banner – Iron Banner control is returning to its original Destiny form, allowing teams of six, faster capture zones for multiple players, reduced respawn times, and more frequent ammo crate drops.

As detailed in Bungie’s development roadmap, this is the latest update leading into season three of Destiny 2, which will kick off in May with update 1.2.0.


Our Take
Destiny 2 has always been a mechanically sound shooter, but has lacked that special quality that made people love/hate the original. Hopefully this update will bring back some of those heroic moments and get people excited before the next season and DLC hits in May.

Source: Game Informer