Humble Giving Away The Darkness II For Free

The Darkness II, a first-person shooter adapted from the comic-book series of the same name, is free to download on Humble through tomorrow.

This sequel follows Jackie Estacado, the don of a crime family. After suddenly getting attacked by an organization called the Brotherhood, Estacado uses his powers, known as the Darkness, to solve the mystery and settle the score with his attackers. The game also boasts four-player co-op, in which each player has their own Darkness abilities.

Andrew Reiner in his review of The Darkness II says the game “is more of a rebirth for the series than the sequel it’s trying to be. The action is mindless and fevered … I found it to be an interesting journey, mostly just to see how different it is from the original, and also to see how a demonic superhero can be whipped by a dead woman.”

[Source: VG 24/7]

Source: Game Informer