Activision Once Explored The Idea Of A Spyro The Dragon MMO

With rumors circulating about an alleged trilogy of remastered Spyro The Dragon titles, the folks over at Did You Know Gaming are reminding dragon fanatics that the franchise almost explored the MMO space with a game similar to titles like Istaria and The I of the Dragon.

In the process of rebooting the franchise with bold, new concepts, the multimedia developer Helios Interactive pitched a more mature game called Spyro’s Kingdom: an MMORPG where players could assume their own dragon and take on quests from Spyro himself, who ruled over the land as the king. Playable alpha builds and proofs of concept were developed, but those ideas eventually gave way to the toys-to-life Skylanders series. Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick approved the general concept, which was passed along to Toys For Bob. Activision later encouraged the studio to remove online multiplayer and make the figures necessary to play the game, meaning that custom dragons had to go with the Skylanders we know today.

A more “realistic” MMO emulating Middle-earth life, MMO for Stargate, and more are addressed in the video, which you can check out below.

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[Source: Did You Know Gaming]

Source: Game Informer