Artist Creates Creeptastic Custom Bloodborne PlayStation 4 Stand

Monsters all over the shop. Only one thing to do: get your trick weapon sharpened and take it to the beasts roaming Yharnam. Gamers have either been getting back into From Software’s goulish classic or getting their feet red and wet for the first time since Bloodborne became a PlayStation Plus title earlier this month.

Artist Michael Ildmirkin has decided to do a series of pieces around Bloodborne. The first is a PS4 stand starring the creepy messengers from the game (seen above)

You can take a look at the work-in-progress from more angles and at different stages in the creation process, on IIdmirkin’s Instagram page

IIdmirkin says he plans to sell the stand once it’s done, though the legality around that is questionable given this appears to be a fan project. Still: the stand sure is something to behold in all its horrific glory.

[Source: Instagram]

Source: Game Informer