See What's Happening Behind The Scenes In Final Fantasy VI In This Video

Final Fantasy VI is widely regarded as one of the greatest JRPGs of all time. But like most games, it’s a bit of a magic show, swapping things in and out to show players the right thing on-screen at the right time.

Boundary Break Youtuber Shesez is back with another video, this time showcasing various elements of how Final Fantasy VI is put together. While the ways it manipulates code aren’t as flashy as they would be in a 3D, there’s still a lot to dig into in the 16-bit, and if you’re fan of the game and how games are put together, there’s tons of little lessons here to learn.

The video shows off how various aspects of how the game is made, including how the title logo gets those little flames behind it, how some sprites are assembled before they’re shown to the player, and how the behind-the-back overworld areas work.

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Source: Game Informer