Monster Hunter World Character Editor Voucher Now Available

A voucher that lets players change their hunter’s appearance is now available.

Ahead of next week’s Monster Hunter World update which brings a host of balance changes and new monster Deviljho, Capcom has released a single voucher for changing the appearance of your player character. It’s a single-use item and every other hunter change will require a payment, though Capcom hasn’t given a date for when that will be or the price. So make sure this one is right before you commit.

While the voucher lets you change your hunter’s appearance, your name is still set, and you can’t change your Palico, so you’re stuck with those.

PlayStation 4 owners can download the voucher here, while Xbox One owners can get it here.

The Deviljho update and accompanying gear comes March 22, with the Spring Festival beginning on April 5 and ending on April 19 with daily events and changes to Astera.

Source: Game Informer