Limited Run Games Testing Desire For Switch Titles Using Thimbleweed Park

Limited Run Games, the publisher of physical copies of
games as collector’s items, is gauging how much audiences are
interested in buying Switch games.

“Our first game we’ll be
putting up for sale on the Nintendo Switch will be Thimbleweed Park,” Limited Run
says on their Twitter account. “The Switch version will be sold as an open
preorder to help us gauge demand on the platform!”

“So Switch fans – this one
is an open call for you to show up and give us a taste of how much demand exists
on this lovely little platform” Limited Run says in a follow-up tweet. “If this
is a success, we’ll definitely consider open preorders on our future Switch

Pre-orders for the Limited Run release go live at and 7 a.m. PDT and 10 a.m. EST on March 30 here. There will also be “Big Box Edition” of the game for PlayStation 4 and Switch for $64.99. The box contains a copy the game (unlike State of Decay 2’s collector’s edition), full-color manual, full-color interior print on the cover sheet, a newspaper, foldable menu poster, sticky notes, exclusive stickers and phone books for each console, and “a classic LucasArts style big box – just like you remember.”  Thimbleweed Park released on Switch’s
eshop in September
for $19.99.

In our Thimbleweed
Park review
, Elise remarks that “The
narrative takes some twists and turns that didn’t always hit home with me, but
I enjoyed the whimsical journey nonetheless.”

Run Games on Twitter


You know the year-old adage, “Bring
it to Switch”? That’s what Limited Run wants to start, and I couldn’t
be happier at this news as both a collector and someone who adores physical
copies of games. Show your support with a pre-order.

Source: Game Informer