Shamrock & Awe Returns To Call of Duty: WWII With A Pot Of Free Content

The Resistance event may have come to an end on February 27, but a new event has cropped up that will push Call of Duty: WWII players’ luck with Operation: Shamrock & Awe, which has started today and will run until April 3.

The limited-time event will feature exclusive cosmetics with new uniforms and camos, but a brand new cosmetic called charms have made their debut. Considering how pistol grip camos are invisible unless players taunt with their weapons, this is an agreeable way to offset that strange commodity.

All players will have the chance to earn the M-31 (submachine gun) and MG 81 (light machine gun) through accepting contracts. In addition, the tight, chaotic map Shipment from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has been reintroduced as Shipment: 1944. The map is currently available for season pass owners and will be available to everyone on March 16. There are also a slew of standard reticles, camos, charms, uniforms, weapon variants, and emotes that have been implemented permanently.

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With the event has come some changes to the game moving forward. In its weekly community update, the developer has altered its philosophy toward future content with a focus on providing more substantial cosmetics, lowered rates for duplicates and categories, and other quality of life fixes to the UI. More detailed patch notes have been disclosed in the Call of Duty: WWII Reddit forum, including a much-needed nerf for the Volkssturmgewehr, new maps for Prop Hunt, and much more, which you can read in detail by clicking here.

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Our Take
Every time I turn around, there are new weapons and maps being added to the game. At first I was regretting my decision to purchase the season pass for WWII, but Sledgehammer Games has persisted and crafted a take on Call of Duty’s multiplayer that keeps me coming back. I’m looking forward to trying out the MG 83 and getting chaotic with a map I remember fondly from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Source: Game Informer