Devil May Cry Costumes Coming To Monster Hunter

Capcom has announced today that a Dante costume is coming to Monster Hunter World for hunters who want their party to start getting a little crazy.

The reveal came in the form of a near pitch-perfect trailer that apes the sights and sounds of Devil May Cry. The outfit itself is just Dante’s clothes and a wig, so it is not a full armor set like Aloy and Ryu, which were gotten in previous events. It also has male and female variations.

Additionally, it looks like it either also has a new weapon or acts as a skin for the Charge Blade, which seems to extend out into the Rebellion, Dante’s sword. Much like Ryu, it also looks like there is an emote that also does damage, this time being Dante shooting guns. The Ryu emotes cost $3.99 each. Like other Monster Hunter World costumes, it is assumed the costume itself will be free upon completing an event quest.

No word yet on when the event will take place, but before the summer is a good guess. Until then, check out the trailer to see the costume in action below.

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Our Take
I find the timing of this curious and wonder if, between this and the Devil May Cry HD Collection, Capcom is making a concerted effort to remind people about DMC.

Source: Game Informer