Nintendo Switch Firmware 5.0 Released

The latest major firmware update for the Nintendo Switch has been announced and, despite the round revision number, the feature list is a bit muted.

The new update’s headlining feature is that suggested Switch friends can be added from associated Twitter and Facebook accounts. This means that your Nintendo account will pull suggestions from those social media platforms’ friends lists to give you suggestions on the Switch.

Other than that, Kirby and ARMS fans will be happy to see that 24 new user icons from those series have been added to the Switch’s menu.

There’s a few other quality of life additions, like remote downloads activating faster, parental control refinement, and news filtering. Pro controllers with different colors, such as the pink and green Splatoon 2 Pro controller or the Xenoblade 2 Pro controller, now show their colors and design on the Switch controller menu.

The firmware is up and available to download now. You can check out the full changelog at the source link below.

[Source: Nintendo]


Our Take
It’s not exactly a barn burner, but hey, you can make Metaknight your user icon, so that’s cool.

Source: Game Informer