H1Z1 Review – A Battle Royale In Search of Identity

In between the very start of an H1Z1 match – in which up to 150 people parachute down onto a small and continually shrinking map – and the final moments laced with exploding crossbow bolts, it’s utter chaos. Sometimes that’s the good kind that leads to great moments of action, and sometimes it’s the disorganized and directionless kind that leads to boredom. In a genre now dominated by Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, this battle royale struggles to find its own identity despite predating both – with the most promising spark of inspiration coming from an inventive new destruction derby-style mode.

H1Z1 is actually a refreshingly simple game in a lot of ways when all is said and done. Where contemporaries PUBG and Fortnite define themselves by aiming for a realistic feel and zany base-building shenanigans, respectively, H1Z1 floats somewhere in the middle. You can’t attach scopes and quick-draw magazines to your rifles and there are no sky bases or mile-high sniper towers to be found in this one. That lack of commitment to a signature look and style often leaves an empty feeling, even if it does have the benefit of being a more accessible battle royale as a result.

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Source: IGN