Walking Dead Creator Debuts New Comic Called Oblivion Song

Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead comic and Invincible, has debuted his latest work titled Oblivion Song.

The story focuses on Nathan Cole, a man tasked by the government to rescue people from Philadelphia, a city where 300,000 went abruptly missing in a hellscape now known as Oblivion. Using a variety of tools, Cole has to battle various-sized demonic monsters whilst searching for the tens of thousands still missing, including his brother. Oblivion Song is illustrated by Lorenzo De Felici and Annalisa Leoni, both of who are making their comic artwork debuts.

The first issue is out now and the next two issues release April 11 and May 9. You can order or download the first issue here.


Our Take
After reading the first issue, I was actually quite fascinated with the premise. It does an excellent job establishing the foundation and lore, setting up questions for the readers in a non-intrusive manner, and establishing character’s motivations.

Source: Game Informer