Man At Arms Brings Nier: Automata's Virtuous Treaty Sword To The Forge

From Shovel Knight’s identifying weapon of choice to For Honor’s ancient arsenal, the Man at Arms: Reforged YouTube channel has consistently brought numerous relics from video games and more to life with their blacksmithing prowess. One of their latest endeavors has taken them to one of their more technically detailed works: 2B’s Virtuous Treaty sword from Nier: Automata.

Combining modern techniques to mill the intricate overlays and traditional methods to forge the blade itself, the product is truly a sight to behold, especially with its unique handle wrap. You can watch the making of the sword in the 20-minute video below, which appropriately concludes with cosplayer Lunatique Rose swinging the blade at some fruit in her equally impressive 2B outfit.

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[Source: Man at Arms on YouTube]

Source: Game Informer