Call of Duty: WWII Permanently Adds Gun Game And Prop Hunt

The Resistance event brought a notable revolution to Call of Duty: WWII with new weapons, maps, and modes, which concluded on February 27. However, the two party modes Gun Game and Prop Hunt brought some no-nonsense levity to the multiplayer sphere that its community didn’t want to see retreat. With a large swath of fans clamoring for them to be permanently added to the game, Sledgehammer Games has listened and announced that they will be in the Featured playlist of modes for good. Since Prop Hunt will be permanent, the new maps Anthropoid, Occupation, and Valkyrie will be added to the mode next week.

If a post from the developer is to be believed, these modes might migrate to a party playlist in the future along with other modes. Reddit user Jfu88 suggested that more modes like Infected and Sticks and Stones from previous titles should be implemented, to which Sledgehammer Games replied with a hint to stay tuned. In addition, a minor quality-of-life fix to Gun Game has been released today, which kicks players from the mode who don’t deal damage for more than five minutes … if matches even last for that long.

[Source: Sledgehammer Games on Twitter]


Our Take
I never expected to say it, but Prop Hunt has given me some of the most fun I’ve had with Call of Duty in years. I’ve almost cried laughing from some of the situations my friends and I have been in as props. Overall, the last time I’ve played a Call of Duty this long after release was Advanced Warfare, so I can say Sledgehammer Games has done a fine job refining the multiplayer since its bumpy launch with great content and needed patches. I’m looking forward to seeing if more party modes will be added in the future.

Source: Game Informer