YouTuber Assembles Monstrous Homemade Switch XL

With a little ingenuity and £350 (or about $482), YouTuber
My Mate Vince created a “portable” Switch XL.

Using a 15.5 inch, 1080p monitor powered via USB cables,
Vince attached the components to the back with velcro. Portable batteries power
both the monitor and the third-party FastSnail Switch dock, which run off 12
and 5 volts, respectively. He even managed to make the Joy-Cons detachable by taking
the rails off a controller grip and screwing and gluing them into the sides. The
entire device weighs about 2.5 kilograms (or 5.5 pounds), he says.

Vince says in the video’s description that if the video
becomes popular enough he will invest in a set up that “will look much better and thinner and be more
portable with a kickstand with different levels.”

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Source: Game Informer