Japan Catches A Pokémon Café

The Land of the Rising Sun is fortunate to have some of the greatest cafés known to mankind, ranging from Monster Hunter to Kirby-themed settings with adorable dishes in tow. It was only a matter of time before Game Freak joined in with the craze with its adorable Pocket Monsters with the Pokémon Café in Tokyo.

Reservations will be opening on March 5 at 6 pm and are set between March 14 and April 5. After then, the schedule will be updated and subject to change, but the only way to get in is through reservations. Every customer will need to order two items, but if you’re looking to go all in, you can do special reservations where you can get exclusive merchandise like mugs, plushies, and more.

Pikachu is all over most of the menu items, which range from soups to fruit dishes. There are plenty of colorful drinks and deserts as well, which are upwards $15 on average. You can check out the full menu by clicking here. We imagine it’ll take quite some time for the craze around the café to die down, so if you don’t see yourself going, at least there are appealing, digital alternatives in the near future.

[Source: Pokémon Café via ResetEra]

Source: Game Informer