Someone Lined Their Floor With DS Game Boxes, And It Looks Awesome

For those of us with large game collections, shelves are a pretty common way to store all of the game boxes we accumulate. For others, though, the floor might be a better fit.

Resetera user Squarehard was challenged to cover their entire floor with DS game boxes to show off their massive collection of them, so they did. While we can’t imagine it’d be comfortable to walk on, what better way to show off a game collection than for visitors to see literally every game you’ve collected when they visit. Also, it looks kind of incredible. Take a look.

(Images used with permission from Resetera user Squarehard.)

You can check out more pictures of this fantastic floor in this thread. If Vita games are more your style, Squarehard did a similar thing with them in another thread.

Source: Game Informer