Replay – Two Worlds

I’ll just let my review of Two Worlds do the talking here: “There’s an adventure here somewhere, hidden beneath the fog of broken
gameplay, performance glitches, and characters talking about the evil
Taint in unintentionally hilarious ways. The main character is an
embarrassment to gaming, and isn’t even believable enough to be
considered for a Renaissance fair’s cast. As much as I enjoyed seeing
him take a sword to the face, most enemies would appear to have extreme
cases of glaucoma, as they swing and miss most of the time, and have a
difficult time navigating around walls. Sadly, even with an impressive
stock of weapons at your disposal, your combat prowess isn’t much
better. The choppy animations, inconsistent framerate, and inopportune
loads make it nearly impossible to navigate the battlefield with
effective grace. The game’s only redeeming qualities – deep spell and
weapon systems – just go to waste in this abysmal quest. If you’ve spent a
lifetime sinning, by all means, trek into this world to get a taste of
what awaits you in Hell. 2 out of 10.”

Yes, I ended up giving Two Worlds a point for each world, and you’ll soon see just how broken this game was. It was also ambitious, as was developer Reality Pump, which used this foundation to build a much better adventure in Two Worlds II. Unintentional hilarity ensues in this episode of Replay. Some of it comes at the expense of poor horses toward the end of the episode. Make sure you stick around for a look back at another “classic” game. And check back Sunday at 12:01 a.m. CT for the first episode of our Killer 7 Super Replay.

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Source: Game Informer