Nintendo Sets Up User Reviews For Games

User reviews are coming to Nintendo’s website, as spotted by Polygon, adding a feature that lets fans talk up (or talk down) games on Nintendo systems.

If you have played a Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo Switch game, and your MyNintendo ID confirms as much, you can go to the company’s website and drop some thoughts about the game. The process for this is, at best, circuitous in that Nintendo way, so let’s go at it step by step.

To review a game, you browse Nintendo’s game guide and search for the game you want to talk about. Upon finding let’s say Splatoon 2, you scroll down to “Review This Game.” Assuming you’re logged in with your Nintendo ID, Nintendo’s servers will check if you have played the game for at least two hours. If you have, great! You can submit a review using a 5-star system, create a headline, write a review (with a minimum of 50 characters, so no just “This sucks!” or “WOW”), be nice and mark for spoilers, and identify what type of gamer you are: Core gamer, casual gamer, parent, or Nintendo fan.

You can’t mix and match, so you might need to ask yourself some hard questions about whether video games are more important than your kids.

The page notes that reviews will be moderated, but they won’t be modified, removed, or rejected simply for disliking a Nintendo product. There might be other reasons that they’ll be removed or rejected, but your opinions of the game won’t be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. After 3-7 business days, the reviews will go up, implying that a person or persons are actually looking through these manually.

The review system is brand new, so nothing has shown up yet, and we’ll likely be seeing the first reviews next week.

[Source: Polygon]


Our Take
I assumed one of the reasons they killed Miiverse was because of the moderation overhead that must have gone into it, but maybe this is a much smaller scale. I do wonder if any of these ratings or reviews will be available to be seen or even posted from the eShop itself.

Source: Game Informer