Prominent Youtubers Stalked By Violent Albuquerque Man, Emerge Unharmed From Home Invasion

YouTubers Gavin Free and Meg Turney (both associated with Rooster Teeth) had their homes invaded by man who was reportedly obsessed with Turney on January 26. Christopher Giles drove over 700 miles to Turney and Free’s home, broke in, and fired shots. Both Turney and Free were hiding the closet and stayed out of harm’s way.

Giles was confronted by police officers when he left the house, returning to his car. A few minutes later, according to The Albuquerque Journal, gunfire erupted and Giles was dead. It’s not clear whether or not Giles kileld himself or was killed by police gunfire.

Turney and Free have not issued a statement about the incident but reports say that the two are unharmed, with both Turney and Free tweeting about unrelated issues since January 26.

[Source: The Albuquerque Journal]


Our Take
This is obviously a horrific and traumatic incident, though we’re glad both Free and Turney are not hurt.

Source: Game Informer