Someone Actually Spent Over $60,000 On A Counter-Strike Weapon Skin

In one costly
transaction, an avid Counter-Strike: Global Offensive esports fan spent over $60,000
on a single weapon skin.

Dragon Lore, the name of the sniper rifle skin, is the rarest item
in Cobblestone Packages, a series of CS:GO loot crates valued at around $30.
These types of crates are only available to spectators who watch ELeague Major
events. Among other items, these crates contain a limited number of autographed
stickers, which act as electronic signatures by pro players that are put on
weapon skins. There are also different levels of condition with weapon skins,
with the rarest being “factory new.”

This particular
Dragon Lore skin is in “factory new” condition and boasts a sticker “signed” by
Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham, a member of esports team Cloud9. On Monday, Cloud9 won
first place at ELeague Major: Boston, which marked the first time an American team
took top honors at an event sponsored by Valve. Latham was also named MVP in the

These factors
further increased the value of the Dragon skin. It was originally listed on for $35,000 and later sold for $61,052.63 after an un-named buyer
and CS:GO skin seller Drone negotiated. For comparison’s
sake, PC Gamer says the most expensive CS:GO item from 2017 is a holographic iBuyPower
sticker that on average sold
for $4,500.

[Source: Polygon]

Source: Game Informer