Luke Was Almost Blind In The Last Jedi, Says Director Rian Johnson

In an interview with Rolling Stone, The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson pontificated on an idea he had to make Luke blind in the third trilogy.

“Did I ever tell you that early on when I was trying to figure out the story for this,” Johnson said to co-interviewee Mark Hamill, “I had a brief idea I was chasing where I was like, ‘What if Luke is blind? What if he’s, like, the blind samurai?’ But we didn’t do it. You’re welcome. Didn’t stick.” 

Star Wars canon has a very recent blind character, the monk Chirrut Îmwe from Death Star plans heist movie Rogue One last year. Johnson points out that his blind Luke idea predated the blind monk, however.

The remainder of the interview covers Johnson and Hamill’s takes on Luke’s role in the story and whether he actually represents a tragic figure in the movie.

Rian Johnson has been tapped by Disney and Lucasfilm to head a new trilogy for Star Wars now that the work on this movie has wrapped up. Star Wars: The Last Jedi releases internationally on December 15.

Source: Game Informer