Stardew Valley Releases On Switch This Week

Stardew Valley, a low-key farming/life simulator, has been a success on multiple platforms including PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Now Switch owners have a firm release date of October 5, and the game will probably excel there, too.

The good news comes from developer ConcernedApe, who tweeted the announcement this morning:

Though we’ve known for a while that the Switch version is coming, the release date has been vague until now. 

For more on Stardew Valley, you can read our original review. For a more lighthearted take, read this column about the game’s uncanny ability to get its hooks in you.


Our Take
To have the announcement and release be so close together is a great surprise. Stardew Valley seems like a perfect fit for the Switch, and gamers can expect to invest dozens of hours in this charming and addictive sim. Plus, with recent releases like Golf Story and Steamworld Dig 2, the Switch’s library has recently been getting a nice dose of retro charm.

Source: Game Informer