Skylanders Netflix Show Gets a Trailer

Netflix officially releases the first trailer for its forthcoming TV show Skylanders Academy, featuring the characters Spyro, Stealth Elf, Eruptor, and more.

As previously announced, the first season for Netflix’s forthcoming animated series for Skylanders known as Skylanders Academy is set to premiere exclusively through the service at the end of this month, on Friday, October 28. With this being the case, the video game publisher Activision has partnered with the Internet television network to release the first official trailer for the show.

Skylanders Academy is set to present work from a combination of leading animation, voice, and production talent to make the toys-to-life characters come alive on the screen for fans of the video game. Justin Long (Dodgeball) provides the voice for Spyro, while High School Musical‘s Ashley Tisdale voices Stealth Elf, in addition to Breaking Bad‘s and Batman: Arkham Knight‘s Commissioner Gordon, Jonathan Banks, taking on the role of Eruptor.

As seen in the trailer for Skylanders Academy below, the long list of talent doesn’t end there, as comedian Norm McDonald portrays Glumshanks, while it’s revealed that Susan Sarandon and Metallica’s James Hetfield also have roles within the show. However, as far as the actress and musician are concerned, their characters have gone unnamed.

For those unaware, Skylanders Academy marks the first actual production from Activision Blizzard Studios, which happens to be the merged companies’ TV and movie division. Interestingly enough, the company has future plans for even more filmed entertainment based on video games, as a Call of Duty movie is in the works.

Even though the first season of Skylanders Academy has yet to air, Season 2 has already been confirmed. According to Activision and Netflix, the second run is set to premiere sometime next year during late 2017, and just like with Season 1, it will be produced by the animation studio TeamTO, which also made Ubisoft’s Rabbids Invasion.

Of course, the reveal trailer for Skylanders Academy‘s first season is sure to make video game fans pine after a title that allows them to actually play as Spyro. Thankfully, he can be found within the forthcoming Skylanders Imaginators, which is set to drop on October 16 of this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Not only will players be able to take up the mantle of the lovable purple dragon, but also the fan-favorite Crash Bandicoot is set to appear as a playable character in the title, which makes one wonder whether or not he will eventually make a cameo within the Netflix show.

The first season for Skylanders Academy launches on October 28, 2016 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix US & Canada — YouTube (via GameSpot)

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