Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Trailer Opens the Creepy Carnival

Supermassive Games officially releases the launch trailer for its PlayStation VR horror title Until Dawn: Rush of Blood in order to promote the game’s release.

Although Until Dawn‘s official follow-up isn’t in development, Supermassive Games still has plenty of scares in store for fans of the horror genre. As a matter of fact, the studio behind last year’s sleeper hit is ready to frighten audiences everywhere with tomorrow’s release of the virtual reality title spin-off Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, and the developer has put out its launch trailer to prove it.

As seen in the trailer below, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is set to exploit the frightening qualities inherent in practically any fear in existence, be it with claustrophobia, insidious physicians, nightmarish monsters, creepy clowns, serial killers, and even giant porcelain dolls. Not to mention, considering the fact that the virtual reality game is primed to go on sale as one of PlayStation VR’s launch titles, fans should expect to experience plenty of immersive jump scares.

For those who are unsure as to whether or not Until Dawn: Rush of Blood should be a day one purchase for PlayStation VR, it’s worth mentioning that the horror title from Supermassive Games has already received a slew of decent reviews from critics. Of course, even though that’s the case, it’s difficult to truly convey the quality of a virtual reality title to audiences unless they are already familiar with the hardware that runs the game.

Thankfully, those who will be experiencing PlayStation VR for the first time tomorrow can make a more informed decision on purchasing Until Dawn: Rush of Blood after trying it on the Sony headset’s demo disc. However, the demo build of Supermassive Games’ horror title will only be available in the United States, as the European trial disc won’t contain the release’s demo.


Naturally, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood may not be universally appealing for horror fans. Fortunately, PlayStation VR has another fright fest in store for gamers looking to strap on the headset tomorrow, as the development team at Tangentlemen has put together a virtual reality psychological thriller with the title Here They Lie.

Taking all of this into consideration, with such promising titles as Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and Here They Lie supporting PlayStation VR’s launch, it will be interesting to see if the virtual reality headset goes on to financial success and helps bolster the future of the medium. If the analyst firm IHS Markit is correct in its sales projection for 2016, then PlayStation VR could move 1.4 million units and generate $134 million in consumer VR entertainment spending this year alone.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is set to launch tomorrow, October 13, 2016, alongside PlayStation VR.

Source: PlayStation EU — YouTube

Source: GameRant