Daily Archives: 11/18/2019

EK Expand Their Classic Watercooling Lineup with an Entry-Class Pump-Combo Unit

The EK-XRES 250 SPC PWM Classic RGB is a combination pump/reservoir that integrates RGB lighting and PWM control, and utilises 120mm fan mounting holes for ease of installation. Source: Vortex Hardware News

AMD Release Radeon 19.11.3 Drivers For Fortnite's DX12 Mode

Minor update appears to be something of a stop-gap, but players of the immensely popular Battle Royale title will still no-doubt appreciate the effort. Source: Vortex Hardware News

Football Manager 2020 Review

Picture what it must be like to be Sports Interactive studio director Miles Jacobson and his team. Every day of the year your social media feed is inundated with feedback from fans whose suggestions range from genuinely useful insights to