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Madden NFL 20 Review

With every new Madden comes a new set of upgrades and disappointments, but Madden NFL 20’s balance is a bit more favorable than usual. Among the new features are a couple of key changes that underscore the difference between a

Mutant Year Zero: Seed of Evil DLC Review

Mutant Year Zero: Seed of Evil, the downloadable expansion to last year’s surprisingly challenging XCOM-esque tactics RPG Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, is an expansion in its simplest, most direct form: there’s simply more of it. While Seed of

Kill la Kill The Game: IF Review

At first glance, Kill la Kill The Game: IF passes the fighting game smell test. With sharp cel-shaded cutscenes, including loving recreations of critical moments from the beloved Hiroyuki Imaishi anime series and the endorsement of its animation studio Trigger,

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Review

Before its resurgence in popularity on the 3DS handhelds, there was a time where the Fire Emblem series once lived on home consoles. Twelve years after Radiant Dawn on Wii, Fire Emblem: Three Houses has finally returned to the living

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review

Most parents hope that their kids will one day surpass them, but failing that we’ll settle for staying out of prison and not asking for money too often. So if I were in the shoes of legendary run-and-gun shooter protagonist

Sky: Children of the Light Review

Perhaps the best compliment I can give Sky: Children of the Light is to say that I almost totally forgot I was playing a mobile game. Everything about this exploration-focused game, from the evocative visual style and soaring musical score

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Review

With Marvel Comics’ long history of tangled legal red tape and licensing deals, it brings me a special kind of joy to put together a team composed of a yellow spandex-clad Wolverine straight out of the old cartoons, a Spider-Man

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Review

I certainly wasn’t expecting to love a Minecraft-style block-building game based on a decades-old JRPG franchise as much as I did Dragon Quest Builders 2. Even though the combat is a bit weak and the controls can be frustrating at

Defector Review

I never thought I’d be able to jump out of a plane and land on the outside of another in VR without getting irrecoverably sick, but Defector let me do just that. This Oculus Studios-published action game is a bit

SolSeraph Review

Every game has its influences, but SolSeraph might as well have the subtitle: Tribute to ActRaiser. Everything from the god-saving-humanity story to the hybrid action/city-building gameplay mirrors the 1990 Super Nintendo gem I adored as a kid – Sega even