Daily Archives: 12/06/2018

ENERMAX Presents LIQTECH II Family of Liquid AIO CPU Coolers

ENERMAX presents the LIQTECH II family of all-in-one liquid CPU coolers for AMD and Intel sockets. Source: Vortex Hardware News

EVGA Presents Carbon Fibre Shroud and Trim for EVGA GeForce RTX 20 FTW3 Series

EVGA presents the limited-edition Carbon Fibre Shroud and Carbon Trim Kit for EVGA GeForce RTX 20 FTW2 Series graphics cards. Source: Vortex Hardware News

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review

As series director Masahiro Sakurai said himself, it’s a miracle Super Smash Bros. Ultimate exists. Having Mario and Zelda duke it out against Street Fighter’s Ryu and Final Fantasy 7’s Cloud on a battlefield from Metal Gear Solid is a